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What is Nasya?

Nasya is the practice of lubricating the nasal passage with herb infused oil. Why would you do that? If you wake with a congested airway you'll understand the sluggishness and lethargy that goes with being unable to take a deep breath and fill your lungs with air. Being able to breathe deeply enables us to get more oxygen into our cardiovascular system, our blood and our brain. Breathing deeply helps us to exercise efficiently, fall into a deeper meditative practice and settle ourselves into a present state of mind

How to do Nasya

Performing Nasya couldn't be easier. Using a glass dropper, put a couple of drops of oil into each nostril, either rub it into your nasal passage using your index finger, or rub the outside of your nose to distribute the oil evenly. Breathe deeply through your nose five times. Blow or wipe your nose, and repeat the process.

You should be left feeling refreshed and invigorated!

If you need more help check out this video from Bayan Botanicals.

Nasya recipe

  • Glass bottle with lid, and/or dropper
  • Untoasted, cold pressed organic sesame oil (don't use the type you normally cook with)
  • 4 drops of organic eucalyptus oil
  • 3 drops of organic peppermint oil
  • optional: 2 drops of tea tree oil

Note: As these oils will be going into your nose and you could swallow them, make sure they are organic, high quality brands.

When to do Nasya

I like to use the oil first thing in the morning to help me settle into my morning meditation and yoga. Infact, I can't breathe properly unless I do Nasya, so I often struggle in my yoga without it. Experiment with different times and see what works for you!

Much love

Heather xoxo