The 5 Elements of YOU


Ether (space), Air, Fire, Water, Earth - everything you see around you, the chair you're sitting on, the screen you're reading this through and all that takes on the form of matter as we know it in our universe is comprised of these 5 elements. Yes, even YOU! 

According to Ayurveda it's these 5 elements that form the building blocks of life. Everything in our universe is created from a specific ratio of these 5 elements. Most things have a dominant element for example, wet, dense mangroves are dominant in water whereas a speedy, light dragonfly possesses more air. The 5 elements represent properties and forces that work in synergy (we don't literally have a "fire" in our belly, but our digestive capacity works with the same properties) 

Absolutely everything we experience in our inner and outer worlds are governed by the laws surrounding these 5 elements or "Pancha Maha Bhuta" in sanskrit. 

The 5 elements combine within all of us to give us our unique constitutional  body-type, or dosha.  They present themselves through certain characteristics, traits and attributes that once you know how to identify them, you'll start seeing them in everyone and everything..

Ever wondered why some people are so hot-tempered (fire) while others are grounded and chilled (earth). Or know anyone who always has their head in the clouds (air)? Maybe you are the type of person who finds it difficult to lose weight, while others can seemingly eat anything and stay the same? Or maybe you are up with the sparrows ready for the gym while your partner hits the snooze button for the 9th time.. it ALL has to do with our personal constitution.  

By understanding our dominant elements or dosha, we are able to know what enhances and inhibits our health and how to better interact with the people and world around us. Because we ARE the world around us, balance becomes just an equation. We can use this knowledge of our dosas and the properties of food, seasons, substances etc to find ways to increase the opposing elements to create balance or pacify an element that is too predominant. 

Once we know what our constitution or dosha is, we unlock for ourselves an entire life-wisdom vault, within which lies an inexhaustible collection of nourishing and wholesome practices that can be specifically adapted to our lives should we choose to adopt them. 

This is the foundation of Ayurveda - knowing your Self in order to live in accordance with your highest needs and the needs of the world around you. 

Curious to know how you can unlock this wisdom for yourself or find out your dosha using traditional methods? 

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