What's my Dosha?

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In Ayurvedic philosophy, all life form is made up of 5 elemental building blocks: air, ether, fire, water and earth. These elements present themselves within us physically, emotionally and mentally in different ways. 

We are each a totally unique combination of these 5 elements that determine what we perceive as our physical characteristics, our personality or nature, as well as our emotional tendencies and mental traits.

If you've ever wondered why you are particularly drawn to certain environments, like the rhythm and flow of the ocean, the life and density of the bush or the vastness and space of the desert - this all has to do with your personal constitution and how the natural (outer) world helps restore balance to your body, mind and soul (inner world).

We all have a natural, balanced state, known as our "prakruti" and It is common for us all to lose this equilibrium from time to time. This is when one or more elements become imbalanced through consuming inappropriate, food, thoughts, relationships and other external input that doesn't match our constitution. If the imbalance is prolonged and unaddressed, this can lead to dis-ease over time.

Modern society and the pace at which most of us live our lives can often make it hard for us to maintain our inner harmony. For some of us, we may not even remember what "balance" feels like, so it can be hard to make the right choices to restore this feeling if we don't know what were striving for or how to get there - yet it is always within our reach and in our control. 

Exploring your dosha offers you an opportunity to get to understand what it means to be  "in your element". To know your true nature. Not the "you" that you think you need to be, the "You" that you ARE. 

When we understand our nature an what true balance is for us as individuals, we can empower ourselves through learning practices that restore this natural state, so we can live life as we were meant to - free from dis-ease and discomfort.

Knowing ourselves and how to achieve our own balance is the wisdom of Ayurveda. Fill out our Ayurvedic Health Form to discover your unique body type and begin your  journey of self-discovery! 



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