NHP Podcast

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It all started when…

We started talking more openly to our girlfriends and we began hearing things like:

"I feel lucky I'm really healthy, but my periods are irregular, I have no idea when they'll come"

"My period pain is so bad that my legs go numb and I can't do anything but lay on the couch - I guess I should do something about that"

"I know deep down that I shouldn't be taking the pill, but I don't have an alternative"

"My nose is constantly dripping because of my asthma -  someone suggested it might be my gut that's the problem"

So we decided that we as a community of women we need to start:

  • Openly sharing what's going on with our health - you can bet someone else is dealing with the same issues!
  • Give tips on how to get diagnosed so that we all don't have to spend time and money going down conventional medicine rabbit holes that lead nowhere
  • Explain how alternative therapies and our own research has informed our opinions about our conditions, and help other girls suffering in the same way to effectively and proactively look after their health.